CarolinaClarinet Quartet

We're a group of NC clarinet players with a common interest in playing clarinet quartets. Personnel vary from time to time, and many clarinetists from central NC play with us. CarolinaClarinet was founded in 2003 by Brent Smith and Jim Williams. Our library listing currently has 383 quartets, with MP3 sound clips, times and comments for most of them. The library list can be viewed by Title, by Composer, by Arranger or by Instrumentation. Recordings are available for over 200 of the listed quartets. Many of our own arrangements (listed under Smith or Williams as the arranger) are for sale at very low cost (typically $10 or so) online at ScoreVivo. We're also willing to consider exchanges for equivalent other original quartets or arrangements of public domain pieces (contact us at our EMAIL link below).

Added October 2017 to include a link to Rick Sowash.
Rick’s entire music catalog of over 50 clarinet works
 is available for free download. These works are impressive.

The comment “free download” in the library lists refers to quartets available from or


Contact us by this EMAIL LINK

Go to ScoreVivo to purchase our quartet arrangements
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